Training, assessment, workshops

Sometimes we can lose sight of the fact that not everyone we work with has the right skills to carry out their tasks confidently and efficiently.

This might not be their fault: commercial and public sector environments can change rapidly with new technology and changing demand.

Yet an organization relies on staff to know what to do in carrying out their duties.  Literacy, language and numeracy skills can be a particular concern, with OECD figures from 2011-12 showing that Australia has significant problems in adult literacy and numeracy skills.

If you are too busy to identify organizational training needs, or deliver the necessary training yourself, I can help.

How I can help

Since 2019, the Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) framework has required trainers who deliver accredited modules or courses to be certified as vocational trainers at the level of Certificate IV, Training and assessment TAE 40116.  I have that certification.

This means that I can design, deliver, and assess training in business and IT related subjects up to Certificate IV level.

I also have extensive experience in designing and facilitating workshops to lead brainstorming and problem-solving sessions, familiarize staff with organizational changes, or to build teamwork and motivation.

My very first job is always identifying precisely what your needs are and proposing a strategy integrated with organizational objectives to meet those needs.

No one likes to admit they might be missing key skills, even in basic literacy and numeracy.  But there are ways of identifying skills gaps that don’t insult or intimidate staff.

To do that, I always keep in mind how you can best leverage the national Core Skills for Work Developmental Framework (CSfW), which recognizes that adult learning has many dimensions necessary to effectively train and motivate staff.

The framework acknowledges explicitly that effective workplace skills must be tied to more than just work, embracing also social and aspirational contexts that are necessary to create and maintain the motivation to perform, and to strive for excellence.


Sometimes your organization needs gatherings less formal than training sessions to problem-solve, brainstorm, or make sense of particular challenges.

My experience leading Tiger Teams, facilitating team planning, and briefing people, especially in change management contexts, coupled with my formal training orientation, allows me to set the environment for collaboration and understanding, stressing personal benefits as much as the bigger organizational picture.

If your people can see how striving for best performance at work also turns into positive outcomes for their social and personal development goals, they will work all the harder to meet and exceed organizational targets. Likewise, people like to be valued, and giving them a stake in realizing organizational goals, through involving them in workshops and briefings, is a sound investment.  Let me show you how you can do this more effectively than by merely demanding performance. Contact me to discuss your needs.