ITIL service management

What is ITIL and service management?

The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a collection of best practice methods and processes and of best practices for the delivery of IT services, known as IT Service Management, or ITSM.

ITIL is today a proprietary, for-profit joint venture between the British government and transnational outsourcing corporation, Capita, operating as Axelos.

This business has attempted to position ITIL as a de-facto standard for ITSM, which it is not.  ISO 20,000 represents that prescriptive standard world-wide, and while there are similarities between ITIL and the ISO standard, ITIL is merely a guide to professional practice. The decision between adopting one or the other is about need to comply with strict standards as opposed to focus on improving organisational practices in a way that is not mandatory.

How would you use ITIL and ITSM?

If your organization relies on the internal provision of IT services, or pays for such services from an external provider, you might insist on ITIL practices for ITSM from your own IT staff, or the external service provider.

How would I go about doing that for you?

Checking on an external service provider’s practices and methods doesn’t really need a specialist.  Anyone who understands the basics of ITIL and ITSM can audit a provider.

If you want to adopt those methods internally, you can have your people undergo ITIL training and certification.

I can help in advising on how to customize ITIL to suit only your needs, reducing the cost of otherwise unnecessary overheads.  I can lead or drive your ITIL-based ITSM development, including mentoring staff to build that capability internally, with or without Axelos training and certification.

Still confused about ITIL and ITSM?

It’s not easy to understand if you’ve never been exposed to the basic concepts, but you can easily research the topic online or contact me to arrange for a meeting so I can explain the concepts to you, and how I can help making it work in your organization.