Skills and experience

The folio section of this site talks about my skills and experience, highlighting that I bring depth and substance to my professional engagements.

What I offer is genuinely multi-faceted know-how when it comes to tackling a challenge or problem from end-to-end, backed by solid experience, and the creativity to throw out the rule book when that’s necessary for innovation.

The diversity of my skill set is focused on contemporary business requirements. I understand that these are driven by constant change, but I’m not going to give you meaningless jargon; the tools and models I use all have solid content and flexible foundations.

I can draw on a ‘portfolio’ of interlocking and overlapping professional competences, to offer the rare capacity to understand organizational functions from top to bottom, integrating high-level strategic overviews with the details of the tactical and operational projects I might be working on.  At the same time, by applying multiple perspectives to everything I do, I add just a bit more value than many others, who might be constrained to only one or two specializations.

The diagram below offers a snapshot of my professional skills and tools.

Interconnected chain of skills and experience

You can access summaries of my principal capabilities and how these might help you in the ‘Folio’ menu above.

My skills are practical, gained through a wide range of professional engagements in diverse organisational contexts, but also underpinned by a solid range of relevant credentials, in reverse chronological order:

  • Certificate IV TAE40116 (Training & Assessment)
  • MInfTech (IT master’s degree)
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration)
  • BA English (Journalism)