WordPress and design principles

Updated: 13 October 2014

A post about the creation and development of this site.


In 1994, when I first dabbled with building my own web pages, I had some small storage area on my ISP’s server with no associated domain name.
My intention then had been to experiment with the code that makes web pages look the way they do in browsers – hypertext markup language (HTML). Over time I built content around my contemporary preoccupations, which have been pretty stable: political economy and philosophy, film, and writing about everything that strikes me as noteworthy.

As time passed and technology improved I maintained an interest in HTML and the emergingly useful cascading style sheets (CSS) which offered an abstracted method for rendering the look and feel of an increasingly sparse HTML base.

In the two decades of messing about with web pages, I have created and abandoned maybe a dozen online collection of essays and other content. This was probably due to the fact that in 1994 blogging was unknown, web hosting was expensive, and I had no profit motive.

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