The opaque layer of strategic planning

INN331 – Management Issues for Information Professionals

WEEK TWO: Reflections on a tedious lecture.


Sitting in yet another lecture dominated by yet another story about what a dedicated and committed bunch of professionals librarians are, and how inclusive their strategic planning is, I took to wondering how it was that no one was willing to talk about the crux of the planning process: money.

I could not help but imagine the process for the library. The senior bureaucrat in charge decided on a budget and strategic direction well ahead of any library executive ever getting a chance to articulate any plan at all.

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Misunderstanding strategy: reductionist determinism

INN331 – Management Issues for Information Professionals

WEEK TWO: Reading notes on strategy, synthesis for reductionist determinism.


Introduction: cognitive dissonance

I expect a level of cognitive dissonance between an academic unit or lecturer’s, objectives, the assigned and suggested readings, and my own professional and personal perspectives.

That dissonance was dialed up pretty high this week when it came to considering the differences between strategic thinking, strategic planning, and the scope to ‘foster’ organisational creativity and innovation. The most jarring mismatches between my perceptions and the readings occurred when evaluating the LIS-focussed articles.

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