The House on 92nd Street (1945)

War-time propaganda film adopting a semi-documentary style with 1940s-syle newsreel, stern voice-over but engagingly acted sequences to dramatise what we are told is a ‘true story’. Bill Dietrich becomes double agent for the FBI to expose Nazi spies in America. Real Boys’ Own stuff.

Love Signe Hasso as the Nazi spymaster! What a ‘dame’.

Great Sunday afternoon matinée fare.


20th Century Fox, 88 minutes, black and white.

Directed by Henry Hathaway. Written by Barre Lyndon, Jack Moffitt, John Monks from a story by Charles Booth. Cinematography by Norbert Brodine. Produced by Louis De Rochemont. Music by David Buttolph.

Featuring William Eythe as Bill Dietrich, Lloyd Nolan as Agent George Briggs, Signe Hasso as Elsa Gebhardt, Gene Lockhart as Charles Ogden Roper, Leo G Carroll as Col Hammersohn, Lydia St Clair as Johanna Schmidt, William Post as Walker, Harry Bellaver as Max Cobura, Bruno Wick as Adolf Lange, Harro Meller as Conrad Arnulf, Charles Wagenheim as Gustav Hausmann, Alfred Linder as Adolf Klein, Renee Carson as Luise Vadja.