Across the Pacific (1942)

Charming propaganda film that apparently foresaw Pearl Harbor, and changed the action to Panama after the real attack. If Americans knew the attack was coming at Pearl Harbor, is the rumour true that Roosevelt let it happen to force America into the war?

The old crew of Astor and Greenstreet from the Maltese Falcon reunited with Bogart a year on. Works well. The budding romance between Leland (Bogart) and Marlow (Astor) was well-scripted and decidedly mature compared to the usual mush.

Huston had to be replaced as director part-way through the production when he joined the Signal Corps at the outbreak of war.

I sometimes wonder how Adolph Deutsch didn’t change his name (‘Deutsch’ literally meaning ‘German’).


Warner Brothers, 97 minutes, black and white.

Directed by John Huston, Vincent Sherman. Written by Robert Garson, Richard Macaulay. Cinematography by Arthur Edeson. Produced by Jerry Wald, Jack Saper. Music by Adolph Deutsch.

Featuring Humphrey Bogart as Rick Leland, Mary Astor as Alberta Marlow, Sydney Greenstreet as Dr Lorenz, Kam Tong as T Oki, Charles Halton as AV Smith, Victor Sen Yung as Joe Totsuiko, Roland Got as Sugi, Lee Tung Foo as Sam Wing On, Frank Wilcox as Captain Morrison, Paul Stanton as Colonel Hart, Chester Gan as Captain Higoto, Richard Loo as First Officer Miyuma.