QTAC’s war against rationality

There’s an organisation known as the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) whose job, it seems, is to verify the credentials of applicants for any tertiary course in Queensland. I say ‘it seems’ because the organisation is quite shadowy. It makes no information available on its processes, performance, or accountabilities. There are no methods for appealing its decisions, or even seeking an explanation of apparently quite arbitrary outcomes. But if you’re lucky, like me, gratuitous advice about your own shortcomings may be offered.

Look up this organisation online and you might find the PR blurb that some of Queensland’s universities joined forces to create this organisation as a standalone company at arm’s length, but there appear to be no board reports, or even published lists of board members. A very exclusive little club, that one.

In fact, the only interesting information you might find is mention that QTAC’s CEO between 2002 and 2010, an Elizabeth Louise Jones, was accused of being an unconscionable workplace bully by her staff, and tried, unsuccessfully, to avoid being investigated or censured by seeking an interlocutory injunction alleging that action against her had been motivated by her rôle in an enterprise bargaining process (see Jeffrey Phillips SC, Bully Behind You, and MinterEllison).

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