Violent lunacy must not be ‘tolerated’


There is not any public domain evidence that Man Haron Monis was any kind of terrorist. Instead he appears to have been a mentally unbalanced man, using the cover of religion to justify a string of criminal delinquencies.

And therein lies the problem: sane, rational people have for too long excused lunatic words and actions because their perpetrators have found justification for them as religious freedom, and now even as illusory religious ‘rights’.

The epicenter of this disease afflicting Western democracies is not the Middle East.

It is the arrogantly assertive rise to astonishing public influence of American so-called Christian fundamentalists, who have a long track record, continuing unabated, of seeking to destroy every aspect of civilised behaviour, from education to an impartial justice system. What they demand, and increasingly get handed to them, is state-endorsed intolerance, misogyny, and a return to barbarbarism instead of common human decency.

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