Action in the North Atlantic (1943)

Routine war-time propaganda film extolling the importance of merchant marine sailors dying to get supplies across the Atlantic, this time to Murmansk. Rare pro-Soviet film.

Pretty tedious except for Bogart and Massey in the lead roles.

Writer john Howard Lawson was one of the Hollywood Ten, and also a long-time head of the Hollywood branch of the Communist Party of America. Still, not much in the way of Soviet propaganda in this one, other than the patriotism of helping Soviet Russia defeat the Nazis.

A young Robert Mitchum gets a walk-on part in this one.


Warner Brothers, 126 minutes, black and white.

Directed by Lloyd Bacon, Byron Haskin, Raoul Walsh(!!!). Written by John Howard Lawson from a story by Guy Gilpatric. Cinematography by Ted D McCord. Produced by Jerry Wald. Music by Adolph Deutsch, George Lipschultz.

Featuring Humphrey Bogart as First Officer Joe Rossi, Raymond Massey as Captain Steve Jarvis, Alan Hale as Alfred ‘Boats’ O’Hara, Julie Bishop as Pearl O’Neill, Ruth Gordon as Sarah Jarvis. Sam Levene as ‘Chips’ Abrams, Dane Clark as Johnnie Pulaski, Peter Whitney as ‘Whitey’ Lara, Dick Hogan as Cadet Ezra Parker.