Process cycle management everywhere

What do all contemporary cyclical process management theories have in common? OK, so I better define what cyclical process management theories are: all those management theories that have a lifecycle, like business process management, project management, software or systems development (and all the ones I can’t think of right now).

Oh, and the answer to the nerd riddle is: Francis Bacon, Walter Shewhart, and William Denning.

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A short history of process management and quality control

A backgrounder illuminating modern management techniques, including agile methods, business process management, continuous improvement cycles, and other methods employing iterative development sequences.

Peter Strempel on the history of process management

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Six Sigma mutant ninja turtles?

The first time I came across a mature adult calling himself a six sigma black belt I was left feeling slightly bemused, and compelled to ask: ‘Does that mean you’re the sixth mutant ninja turtle?’

You might imagine that the black belter was not at all amused. And yet he found it difficult to articulate what he meant by the terminology.

So here’s a little overview of the concepts that underlie the somewhat juvenile nomenclature.

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