In the news … October 2020

Commentary on the ‘news’ of the day.

Halloween’s not as American as it seems

31 October 2020: The news media is awash with little colour pieces about Halloween, and what it means.  Yet most explanations are shallow and short on detail.  My own reading leads me to believe that only the commercialization of Halloween is intrinsically American, but the origins are Gaelic and Celtic.

The Gaelic festival of Samhaim marked the end of the harvest season with celebrations beginning after sunset on 31 October, and into the following day.  Similar celebrations are thought to have been observed in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and northern France.

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Summers’ misogyny self-pity


The bullshit shield of misogyny has gone far enough by self-appointed protectors of the Prime Minister. To be perfectly clear, anyone who needs to hide behind such ridiculous nomenclature of victimhood clearly isn’t up to the job.

While Anne Summers is fulsome in her support for the PM, not a single point she makes actually passes any critical scrutiny, but go read her homily and judge for yourselves (‘Is mockery the new misogyny?’, Sydney Morning Herald, 2 March 2013).

As for this comment, it rests on a personal observation, which is entirely in line with the cutting but accurate description of the PM by Labor’s own Homeric poet laureate. Bob Ellis:

“She’s not well-informed,” he says. “She hasn’t, I think, read a novel or seen a film with subtitles and I doubt if she has read Encounter or the New Statesman or Vanity Fair or Harper’s or the London Review of Books or The New York Review of Books and therefore she doesn’t have hinterland. She has not much except a kindergarten sandpit response to things: “Nyah, nyah you’re just jealous because I’m prime minister and you’re not.

“It’s perfectly all right for some reason if you are deputy prime minister to do that but when you are prime minister, you have to speak for the nation and I don’t think she has discovered what that is.

“One thing is sure – there will be no Gillard era. This is not a 20-year stretch. Civilised people’s hands are already over their faces every time she speaks. That cannot last. She has no power, no influence, no friends, no learning. There’s not much there.”

– Nick Galvin, Sydney Morning Herald, 10 January 2011.

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