Panning for gold & an exercise in heuristics

Panning for gold

Edwards, Sylvia L., & Bruce, Christine S. (2006). Panning for gold: Understanding student’s information searching experiences. In Bruce, C.S., Mohay, G., Smith, G., Stoodley, I., & Tweedale, R. (Eds.), Transforming IT education: Promoting a culture of excellence (pp. 351-369). Santa Rosa, California: Informing Science Press.
Need to know: this idea of needing to know how students actually use search tools so teachers can intercede presupposes that students should not be taught to search a certain way (p. 352).
Relevance of information: that this should vary across students appears obvious to me. They all have separate purposes, and assuming an objective standard about information value is a bit authoritarian (p 353).
Cognitive abilities: [Is this like the assumption in economics that all information users will behave rationally?] (p. 354.)

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