Media more shallow than politicians

Only today I yet again had cause to link political decline to simpleton journalists.

This time the obvious candidate is the ABC’s Queensland commentator, Chris O’Brien, turning out two stories that are so shot through with ignorance, and an absence of a single clear thought, the ABC should feel cheated to have paid O’Brien this week.

Chris O'Brien
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Right self destructs in Queensland election


The election outcome is not yet entirely certain, and much less certain even than it seemed last night, but it is clear the LNP was rejected in a historic reversal of fortunes after just three years.

What went wrong?

While I’d like to propose my own reasons for wanting to see the back of the Newman Queensland Government as the principal points of failure, that would be inaccurate. What brought the LNP undone was Clive Palmer. A feud to the right of the Labor Party.

All those who predicted that the Liberal National Party (LNP) would be returned with a slim margin were right when you look at historical trends and numbers. Precedent suggests that no party routed as decisively as the Australian Labor Party (ALP) was in 2012 could make it back in just one term.

But that’s if you only look at the numbers, and the substance of politics is assumed not to matter because it is assumed to be anodyne.

This has not been the case in recent years.

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