Evil bitch spearheads drive to turn ‘public service’ into ‘enemy control’


Jack Waterford’s editorial for syndication by the Fairfax press on Department of Human Services’ baleful chief, Kathryn Campbell, is a rare pleasure to read.

In the era of inarticulate, anti-grammatical social media clicks and grunts that has subverted even nominal writers, Waterford’s considered prose paints a fairly stark picture of a narcissistic, sociopathic, top-down manager unduly influenced by her career as a defence force reservist general.

Instead of repeating Waterford’s excellent points, they are taken as read here, though extended beyond his intentions.

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Open letter to Jack Waterford

The Waterford presumption.
The Waterford presumption.

There was an editorial in the Canberra Times (which thinks it’s an Australian Washington Post, sans talent or vigour, of course), and which based its bloviating vacuity on the notion that Queensland-bashing is fashionable in Canberra.

Except, it argued that Queensland people – not politicians – should not be helped because of where they live!

Is there a more obviously politically biased position to be made by a journalist? ‘I don’t think you deserve to live, be nurtured, nursed back to health, fed, or helped because I don’t like the colour of the politics in your State!’

I wrote a letter to the editor, but in between being challenged to register and comply with password elitism, I was also required to limit my response to 300 words, and be subject to an undisclosed censorship policy. Fair enough.

Here, though, is my letter in full.

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