Objective journalism is not!


Reading the ABC’s Alan Sunderland commenting on objective journalism had me struggling to make out what it was he was trying to say.

More particularly, he seemed to be fudging what journalism has been and is becoming.

Sunderland has been associated with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the migrant-focused Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) for his entire professional career, and he is now the ABC’s ‘head of editorial policy’. If someone in public broadcasting should know something about journalism, he should be near the top of the list.

Granted he was editorialising, but he did bury the lead to his opinion piece, if there was a lead at all. He failed to define his terms, and came across like a bureaucrat, carefully obfuscating the nominated subject area.

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Wrath of Trumpenstein


Freakshow carnival barker Donald Trump has no intention of running for the presidency, and has no chance of gaining the Republican nomination.

This far out, even seasoned commentators are loath to pick the pony, but when I try to filter out spectacle from some constants, I think Clinton probably has the best chance. Much though I would welcome a Sanders presidency, I doubt the Democrat party machine would allow that to happen. The Republican clowns opposing Clinton seem less likely than Mitt Romney to stand a chance against an experienced Machiavellian, particularly if she can avoid damaging revelations, and maintain tight discipline in her team of political operatives.

I like spectacle as much as the next guy. Some of the finest journalistic writing flows from big tent campaigns, which are in themselves creative of odd circumstances and revealing moments. However, these can only really occur if the candidates believe in something more than winning.

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