Mark Felt: extended metaphor

Mark Felt poster

Peter Landesman’s film Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House (2017) annoyed the hell out of me.  So much that I felt compelled to isolate the elements that motivated my displeasure.  And whether these were of my own confection.  Or whether they lay in the structure and content of the film.  After being annoyed long enough, I concluded the film is likely to become more significant as time passes.  With hindsight.  With the Trump administration in the rear-view.

My mistake, at first instance, had been to expect a story about Watergate.  Or Nixon’s FBI.  Or a G-Man.

That’s what Landesman’s script led me to believe.  On the surface.  Because I fell into the trap of an idiotic literalism in my interpretation.  A literalism of the kind I despise in the last two generations.

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