Katters never change their spots


In 1999 I sat in one of the largest lecture theatres in the QUT Graduate School of Business to listen to my first MBA Business Law lecture.  I still remember feeling somewhat taken aback when the lecturer introduced himself as ‘Norm Katter’, short for Dr Norman Katter, a noted barrister and learned author on diverse legal topics.

The family resemblance was unmistakeable, from physiognomy to the lanky height.  Sure enough, Dr Katter is Bob Katter Senior’s oldest son, and brother to Bob Katter Junior, the inimical Queensland politician, and only sitting member of Katter’s Australian Party.

Beyond physical resemblance, however, the similarities between Norman and Bob end abruptly.  Dr Katter is a serious, thoughtful man whose sonorous sentences are precise and gain their authority from an unvocalised gravitas.  Not like Bob, who is gratingly stentorian, and appears to either have a prepared repertoire of slapstick faux pas statements, or is blessed with an uncanny ability to make them in a never-ending stream of unforced double-faults.

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