Integrity, honour … betrayal


Everyone you know tolerates dishonourable behaviour, a lack of integrity, and expects betrayal.  More people than you might think have absolutely no idea why that is a pathology of self-harm and nihilism.  It is the resignation or surrender to anti-humanism, rationalisation, which actually has nothing at all to do with rationality, and a personal betrayal of yourself, and of all those you say you love, honour and respect.

You doubt me?

What do politicians, business executives, judges, lawyers, police officers, accountants, and priests have in common?  They are in the same profession really.  That profession is lying to us.  Sometimes because lies are what we want to hear from them.  Sometimes because that’s what gets them what they want.  Mostly because they have no conception any more of what is principle, what is integrity, what is honour, what is exception to a rule, and why betrayal is a kind of perverse self-flagellation that is in itself worthy of suspicion.

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