Election 2010 – Index Page

Week One. Saturday 17 July – Friday 23 July

First-timers disenfranchised, Xenophobia enters left-stage, Boredom already, Contempt for Koch outweighs alarm for Abbott, The cost of union elections, BLF campaigns for … ?, Gratuitous advice to Abbott, Labor no friend to low-paid, unemployed.

Week Two. Saturday 24 July – Friday 30 July

The great not-debate: is it all over for Abbott?, Polling data should scare Abbott, Paul Kelly right to label Gillard as lacking conviction, Hello, no, there’s no one here …, Letter to WA.

Week Three. Saturday 31 July – Friday 6 August

Opportunities go begging, Taking stock …, Where to for Abbott?, The Gillard prospect, No inspiration, no aspiration (no respiration), Gillard disingenuous about concern for Rudd, blind choice ahead, ‘Conversation’ with a journo mate in WA, More chatter at the sidelines, but no game on the pitch, Getting tough on dole bludgers, Greens from left-field, Minutiae of electioneering accentuate empty promises, Education no silver bullet for Gillard, ‘He’s gorn ‘n dunnit now’, Ban the burqa nonsense again.

Week Four. Saturday 7 August – Friday 13 August

Electorate Letters, Labor’s three ring circus, Reading the entrails, Animus is back, The anti-Howard fetish, High Court ruling impacts well beyond election, Peculiar message from Howard, All at sea about prospects, National broadband plans leave me cold, Reconsidering the NBN.

Week Five. Saturday 14 August – Friday 21 August

Time to get down and dirty, The last hurrah, Debate is last chance for Abbott, Well I’ll be …, Postscript.