Coalition lost in post-Trump era?

How will the Australian Coalition MPs who take their cues from the American Republicans orient themselves now?


Sane people all over the world have recognised the moral and political bankruptcy of the Republican Party.

This isn’t a complete surprise.

The spectacle for three decades of the Tea Party and the mediaevalist fundamentalists parading incompetent hypocrisy as patriotic conservatism made rational people all over the world uneasy about the kind of lunatics close to the nuclear button and similar triggers for the world economy.

Then the hysterical denunciations of Obama as a sub-human and socialist turned out to be so astonishingly untrue. The first black president proved to be the most eminent conservative in US politics since Eisenhower, acting with grace and dignity in the face of treasonous sabotage by the House and Senate Republicans, and retiring on an economic record no living Republican came close to understanding, let alone achieving.

The spectacle and vulgarity of Trump, however, shattered even the delusions kept alive by the Murdoch media that the Republican Party is more than radioactive rust held together with a thin layer of paint, curiously but almost inevitably like the Soviet Union in the decades before its collapse.

Yet in recent days Tony Abbott told news media he admired the USA and saw much worthy of emulation. His coterie of bigoted-Right Coalition MPs may not say it, but they have long looked to the Republican example for template rhetoric and policy. They are manifestly incapable, on an intellectual basis alone, to do much more than crib policy, since they understand nothing of economics, public policy development, or even the concept of a national interest that transcends the corrupt ambitions of their sponsors.


Will they continue to crib Republican rhetoric and strategy that has served only to divide the nation and sabotage its economic development? Or will they turn to other idols. Maybe Putin? Yet even he has subtlety the Coalition isn’t intellectually equipped to understand.

Indeed, Turnbull’s crew makes a virtue of its ignorance, and of an unfounded, gratuitous arrogance contrasting so sharply with their huge and mounting deficit of ability and performance.
Australia is not well served by an opposition that appears equally devoid of intellectual depth, and is led by people who would have found it difficult to manage even junior positions in the Hawke-Keating era.

It is an opposition that scarcely deserves the name Labor. It is so obviously conservative in its gravy train ambitions one could make the argument it has driven its opponents into the savage badlands that lie beyond the political Right. Somewhere near the openly baleful fascist ambitions of Corey Bernardi and Eric Abetz.

When will there be Australian politicians again who are mature enough to recognise that it is not just in their power to develop policy for the benefit of Australian citizens, it is actually their duty to do so?

Or do they all now need Rupert Murdoch’s permission?

In the meantime I guess it’s business as usual: letting the banks off the hook for fraud; bashing an ABC run by its own apparatchik for not toeing the party line on concentration camps; and a massively expensive plebiscite in the midst of the ‘budgetary crisis’ the Coalition tells us ‘we’re’ suffering.

Lucky for the PM that the Lodge now has a lift installed to help him carry the heavy load of intellectual deficit he carries with him.


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