All hail Amerikanistan


As late as 15:30 this afternoon I was trying to persuade myself that there had been a miscount and Clinton would win by a narrow margin. Like the ending of some nail-biting thriller with too many plot twists. But I was guilty of wishful thinking. And of having ignored a friend in the USA who had forecast for me quite consistently that the forces of barbarism she has lived with for decades would triumph with this improbably vulgar, buffoonish candidate. That Trump was just the logical next step in the obliteration of American post-war civilization. That Americans were just balefully malicious enough to summon the demon.

Now it seems the unthinkable was always unthinkable only because of wishful thinking. The 30-year tide of Amerikaner bigotry was just too forceful.

Still, I was left wondering how it is even remotely possible for a Democrat to lose in one fell swoop in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Maybe one or two out of four. But all four?

What the hell happened?

How can so many people hate one woman so much that they were prepared to hand over civilized America to the Amerikaners, whose stated policy is to turn it into a Feudal fiefdom?

Did the Democratic party machine miscalculate when it openly and unashamedly committed a cascade of frauds to rob a wildly popular candidate of their nomination? Was the backlash from this so harsh that people who hate the Republicans stayed away, or actually voted Trump? And how is it that a woman so obviously unconcerned about defrauding Bernie Sanders then blinked in a game of chicken when it came to making certain of the same outcome in at least Ohio, if not also Florida?

Clinton has a long history, and much of it not very admirable. Christopher Hitchens’ book on Bill Clinton’s career painted a not very flattering picture of his first lady too. And anyone watching her as Secretary of State from outside the USA had reason to be afraid of her thuggish lack of sophistication.

Still, had she been a man, would this have counted for her? At this time on (my) Wednesday evening I am inclined to think the answer is ‘yes’. Because the alternative Americans chose was a man so grotesquely loathsome he makes Clinton look like a champion of the people.

What happened today was confirmation that at least half of US voters are what I have called Amerikaners for a while; people who couldn’t care less whether they greeted each other with ‘hail victory’ rather than ‘good morning’. People who think women are chattel property, and those without white skin are even more worthless sub-humans. People who probably think they can survive World War III on prayer and self-righteousness alone.

The USA is dead. Long live Amerikanistan.


There’ll be months of unilluminating election post mortems, by people far more qualified than me. The same people who are all wondering today what happened. The same people who collaborated in making their news media probably the most unreliable propaganda organs outside North Korea.

What’s beyond dispute now is that for at least the next four years the West has lost for its civilization what was its mainstay since 1945.

On an ungracious closing note, I have already seen some commentary suggesting this election outcome is proof that we all need to be even nicer to barbarians, bigots, and thugs. To prevent these troglodytes from festering away underground, and manifesting the way they have today. What utter nonsense. What it proves is that we have been far too nice already. What’s needed is a return to calling out idiots and thugs for what they are. Publicly. Loudly. And with the full intention to attach humiliation and shame to idiocy.

Not doing that will probably ensure we will have our own version of Trump to head the party with the most MPs openly aspiring to be led by a caricature of cretinism.

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