A Blueprint for Murder (1953)

Mentioned in several sources as a film noir, it is actually just a straight thriller, or murder mystery. There are no layered meanings, no sub-plots, and no complexities about the plot, which has the protagonist expose a female poisoner in a sub-Hitchcockesque game of cat and mouse.

There are undoubtedly moments of great tension, but it’s a flat entertainment, and even the ending becomes predictable when the film has nowhere else to go about half-way through.


20th Century Fox, 77 minutes, black and white.

Written and directed by Andrew L Stone. Cinematography by Leo Tover. Produced by Michael Abel. Music by Leigh Harline.

Featuring Joseph Cotten as Whitney Cameron, Jean Peters as Lynne Cameron, Gary Merrill as Fred Sargent, Catherine McLeod as Maggie Sargent, Jack Kruschen as Chief Hal Cole, Barney Phillips as Captain Pringle.

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