Harden up, namby pambies!

… Weiss’s sole qualification for dismissing Paglia as an ageing, egomaniacal, lesbian crank is politically correct self-righteousness.

The force is strong with irony this silly season!




Wall Street Journal ‘associate opinion editor’ Bari Weiss’s ‘interview’ with senior avant garde feminist icon Camille Paglia was delicious evidence of this disturbance in Jedi mental health.

Those who have read Paglia, as opposed to just about her, will know she was excoriated and remains excommunicated from the mainstream American feminist ‘sistah-hood’ for stating the obvious: many high-profile American feminists are not motivated by ideology at all, but rather, are already entitled but avariciously rent-seeking, mercenary opportunists. People who care more for talking crap about their vaginas than about how to help billions of women actually threatened by existential problems. That and the incidental emasculation of men by shrill, politically correct, misandric bullying.

So, while I was reading the Weiss piece, I almost dismissed from my consideration the superior, dismissive tone. Almost. More as a matter of habit I looked up Weiss, whose name was completely unknown to me until that moment. The title ‘associate’ means ‘unpaid’, which means she is doing it for her résumé, and the WSJ doesn’t value her enough to pay her, but sees some other advantage in pursuing blogger slave labour tactics: presumably Weiss’s politically correct credibility.

It turns out that Bari Weiss founded a pro-Israel propaganda rag at Columbia University, and pursued a virulently racist campaign against Arabs, cloaked in the unassailably impeccable credentials of fighting anti-Semitism, but focused on silencing academic freedom in the name of … academic freedom. Mostly by preventing promotion of academics speaking out against Israeli foreign policy, or having the temerity of being from non-Jewish Middle Eastern origins (it seems there are no Americans; they are all Indians, Africans, Jews, Arabs, Hispanics, Irish, Germans, etc ad nauseam).

Anyway, I had to laugh. Weiss is the epitome of all Paglia detests, and writes a dismissive editorial about her, calls it an interview, and sees it published in the WSJ.

Yet this is not quite as inexplicable as it seems.

Weiss is proof positive of one of Paglia’s foundational theses: a woman with impeccably politically correct credentials trades up her amateur self-righteousness for a career in it by joining the WSJ staff, albeit as an unpaid lackey. The only way this could more perfectly reflect Paglia’s archetypal anti-feminist hero of political correctness is if Weiss started to trade on ancestry that somehow includes Africans, Indians, Hispanics, and that she is a transgendered bisexual, and that she actually got paid by the WSJ. The latter is almost certain to become true sooner or later, since Weiss is clearly highly articulate on any Republican scale of such things.

In any case, Weiss’s sole qualification for dismissing Paglia as an ageing, egomaniacal, lesbian crank is politically correct self-righteousness. Imagine a white man getting away with cheap shots like that. Couldn’t publish it by a man, because that would be proof positive of sexism, wouldn’t it?

Why is this deliciously ironic rather than just sad?

Because the WSJ is required reading for another lot of self-righteous, entitled, rent-seeking non-entities selling fraud to us all: Wall Street gangsters bleeding the planet dry with theft, nihilism, and regular financial disasters. We’re about due for another one of those.

Just as Weiss has traded her impeccably PC credentials for a career, the Wall Street gangsters have traded their perpetual thievery for public subsidy.

How perfect! I knew immediately that I needed to do my Sithie best to strengthen this surge of irony in the force by posting about it online, because the blogosphere has become awash with the PC namby-pambies Paglia laments. Most particularly with the affected nancy-boys she predicted, who pose as caring, sharing, foot-massaging white knights for politically correct kudos and pats on the head by women. It’s an odious spectacle, like Paris Hilton petting that ugly creature she carries around with her. The dog is just after food, but the white knights suffer from the permanently delayed and vain hope that their flaccid behaviour will buy them sexual gratification eventually.

Paglia has argued since the 1980s that politically correct causes cancel individual judgement in a triumph of Orwellian, enforced ideological prejudice. That is surely the biggest irony of all in PC causes: enforcing anti-intellectual bigotry to ‘defeat’ … anti-intellectual bigotry.

Weiss should be commended for bringing one side of these qualities to the WSJ, which stands for the other side. It is the perfect marriage of soulmates. United by the sole motivation of avarice, which transcends all barriers of ideology, rationality, intellect, judgement, and even human decency.

Chuckling he is, Master Yoda. Idiots they are, the PC Jedi knights.

All the best for the new year.

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