Politics: 2013 Contents

Rudd will lose election

17 August 2013: Failure to lead, offer alternative.

Sartorial case notes

9 July 2013: Newman’s clown wardrobe says it all.

Beware Calvinist barbarians

6 May 2013: Abetz’s dark, recidivist vision.

Judging Thatcher’s legacy

14 April 2013: Mercy for the dead, unholy remains for the living.

Howard’s Iraq apostasy

11 April 2013: Historical revisionism from the would-be cricket captain.

The Murdoch doctrine: hail the ruinous orthodoxy

8 April 2013: A merciless, immoral vision for ‘free markets’.

In god we trust …

17 March 2013: Has Western politics destroyed the rule of law?

Abbott missing in (in)action

6 March 2013: What exactly does the Prime Minister presumptive stand for?

Summers should get head out of arse on misogyny

3 March 2013: The PM is not being victimised because he’s a woman.

Xenophon affair shows failure of foreign policy

21 February 2013: Time to stop playing at UN bigshot and plug holes closer to home.

Open Letter to Jack Waterford

4 February 2013: Canberra Times editor’s callousness reflects his city’s inhumanity.

Bien pensantism: pretentious political ignorance

2 February 2013: Ignorance is what it is no matter how well-meant.

Election 2013 Notebook: February

2 February 2013: Canberra shenannigans.

Spurious math: 480,000 bribes elect next Federal Government

31 January 2013: Speculating about Queensland marginal electorates.

Swan’s Australia Day message for generations gone by

28 January 2013: Treasurer’s reactionary imperial cricket fantasy.

Election 2013 Notebook: January

27 January 2013: Canberra shenannigans.

Katters never change their spots

26 January 2013: Bob Katter and party won’t go away anytime soon.

Gillard can’t really lose on Peris

22 January 2013: PM’s interference in pre-selection not a blunder.

Roxon’s rocks in the head on discrimination

16 January 2013: Attorney General’s Bill is unconscionable.

Roxon’s politically correct witch-hunting season

10 January 2013: The Scarlet Letter turned into a Bill.