Battle Los Angeles (2011)

Strangely engaging end of days scenario. Funny that this kinda thang only happens to ‘murkins on ‘murkin soil. What happened to the rest of the world? We all died, I guess, unless we all came up with franchises on modern-day Audie Murphys of our own.

I guess it’s easier cheering US troops killing aliens than cheering them when killing us.


Columbia Pictures, 116 minutes, colour.

Directed by Jonathan Liebesman. Written by Chris Bertolini. Cinematography by Lukas Ettlin. Produced by Jeffrey Chernov, David Greenblatt. Music by Brian Tyler.

Featuring Aaron Eckhart as Michael Nantz, Michelle Rodriguez as Elena Santos, Ramon Rodriguez as William Martinez, Bridget Moynahan as Michele, Ne-Yo as Kevin ‘Specks’ Harris, Michael Peña as Joe Rincon, Will Rothhaar as Lee ‘Cowboy’ Imlay, Cory Hardrict as Jason ‘Cocheez’ Lockett, Jim Parrack as Peter ‘Irish’ Kerns, Gino Anthony Pesi as Nick ‘Stavs’ Stavrou, James Hiroyuki Liao as Steven ‘Motorolla’ Mottola, Noel Fisher as Shaun ‘Casper’ Lenihan, Adetokumboh M’Cormack as Jibril A ‘Doc’ Adukwu, Neil Brown as Richard ‘Motown’ Guerrero, Bryce Cass as Hector Rincon, Joey King as Kristen.