About this site …

This website allows me to publish some shameless self-promotion, in my Folio section, and to find a home for the essays, reviews, comments, and other bits and pieces that I write regardless of remuneration.

There is no SSL here because I don’t sell anything, and the process for unpaid secure socket layer technology is clumsy. Google has not covered itself in glory by writing a bias into its search algorithms that demote sites not using commercial infrastructure.

The title, minority reports, comes not from the film or the story by Phillip K Dick, but from the convention of courts and tribunals to allow for dissenting opinions. And from the late Christopher Hitchens’ ‘Minority Report’ column in The Nation. It signifies that most of what I say or write is not anodyne or consensus-driven.

With a background in journalism, public affairs management, IT management and consultancy, and ‘curmudgeonry’, there’s really no end to the number of subjects on which I have an opinion, presented here in a ‘magazine’ format.


The default page, with pointers to recent content.


This is me responding to news items, analysis, controversies, or anything else that happens in the public domain and attracts my interest.

In an age of diminishing news media editorial independence and social media carriage of hostile, extremist disinformation, analysis of events and people should include critique of propaganda methods as much as the ‘news’ they disseminate. 


Contains mostly descriptions of professional management and IT methods I use, and how they might be relevant to your organization.


An archive of my essays on a wide range of topics. These are, arguably, longer versions of what I might write as a comment. But also attempts to define and nail down some elusive and misunderstood tropes.


Mostly film and television that left an impression. Books that struck me as noteworthy. Other cultural artifacts that caused me to experience a response. And mostly not ‘previews’, but years after the fact.

This site

My personal website is made possible with the unstinting support of Jim Munro and his Ozbizweb Group.

I use the WordPress content management platform, with my personally customized child theme of MH Magazine Lite, chosen mainly for clean lines and simplicity.

Content here is predominantly text, hence the ‘magazine’ format.

You can comment on most posts, or send me an email with your feedback. I don’t store email addresses, but require them to prevent spam. Comments and emails are protected by the Google reCAPTCHA challenge to spam bots, which is easy to use for real people.

Style guide

Mostly, I adhere to the Oxford University Press house style.

Some confusion exists about the suffix -ise as opposed to -ize. As with all matters of English grammar and spelling, there is no single, fixed rule, but I did enjoy the explanation offered by Robert Nelson.