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Peter Strempel

You’re in the right place if you could you use some reliable help from a multitalented professional who knows how to navigate whiplash change and make sense of complex problems.

I can offer you advice and assistance in any or all of the following areas —

With practical skills gained through a wide range of professional engagements and credentials, I have a rare breadth of experience that combines all the ingredients to offer practical advice and assistance on the full range of business needs, from the strategic to the daily operational customer interface.

When you think of my skills in visual terms, you can see that no matter what particular your particular need might be, you will always get the benefit of my strategic grasp of how everything fits together on an enterprise-wide level, and my capacity to inject that understanding into operational management and interactions with stakeholders from frontline staff to boardroom executives.

The diagram presents public affairs management, operational management, and enterprise architecture as the major sub-domains of strategy, highlighting their rôle as bridges between high-level visionary direction-setting and operations, and also as the parents of other specialisations. For example, public affairs management might include marketing and online engagement with web and social media projects, and both enterprise architecture and operational management embrace all the professions. Project management straddles strategy, operations, and various other specialisations not illustrated here, while business process management and ITIL service management are entirely sub-domains of enterprise architecture, with the potential to contribute to project management.

Peter strempel's skills domains
FIGURE 1: Think of my skills visually and you’ll see an interlocking array of specialisations bridging strategy and operations.

What this means is that no matter which of my skills you might need, you will always get the benefit of my strategic grasp of how everything fits together on an enterprise-wide level, and my capacity to inject that understanding into operational management and interactions with stakeholders from front-line staff to boardroom executives.

What makes me different from anyone else making the claims I do about my skills?

I’m old-school enough to understand that methods and models mean nothing without the creative thought necessary to customise them, meeting your specific circumstances rather than strapping you into a one-size-fits-all straight jacket. And I’m more vigorous than those who take textbook short-cuts rather than working hard at developing strategy, turning it into operational tactics, and then making it all work with your people and systems.

There’s no sleight of hand in my claims. What I do is based on hard work, backed by a depth and breadth of experience and skills that can be accurately described as unusual, or even unique. My credentials include —

  • a Bachelor of Arts with majors in journalism and communications (BA English (Journalism))
  • a Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • a Master of Information Technology (MInfTech)

Unlike many other professionals I took to heart the ideal of life-long learning, and the wisdom of never accepting easy answers without double-checking all the underlying assumptions to make sure I get the best results possible.

I understand that innovation isn’t just spouting Silicon Valley buzzwords and emulating the latest tech fads. It’s about creating new paradigms based on insights about your market and your changing customer demands. Insights that can only come from your direct engagement in your business, and with your customers and your employees. I would never insult you by coming along with a lot of fancy theories and telling you how everything will work if only you change to suit the theory.

Instead I will offer you the toolkit that these theories represent, and all the lessons I have learnt in adapting theory to real-world situations. Unlike many of my colleagues I still believe individual human ingenuity is always more valuable than corporate wisdom packaged as the fixed business models offered by the big consultancy firms and embedded into their software ‘solutions’.

Read more about what I might be able to do for you by clicking the links above, or use the Home sub-menus. Contact me if you want to talk about how we might work together. My profile pages have been written to make sense to business people not necessarily experienced in the subject areas. These pages do not contain detailed technical discussions.

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What else is on this site?

Most of this site is a repository for my essays on subjects ranging from academic and professional interests to film and television reviews. ‘Collegium’ is my general heading for reflections on academic and professional topics. ‘Culture’ contains my thoughts on the arts, particularly film, literature, and television. ‘On Politics’ collects together my thoughts on political philosophy, political economy, and commentary on contemporary political practice. ‘All Posts’ lists everything except my professional profile in reverse date order.

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