Depth and substance, not passing fads and meaningless jargon

Peter Strempel

What I offer you is a range and depth of genuinely multi-talented skills, backed by solid experience.

The diversity of my skillset is aligned with contemporary pressures of constant change, requiring specialist skills across a ‘portfolio’ of interlocking and overlapping professional disciplines, and an actual commitment to life-long learning, not just a rhetorical lip-service.

With this portfolio of skills, I offer a rare ability to understand organisational functions from top to bottom, integrating high-level strategic overviews with the details of the tactical and operational projects I might be working on. At the same time, by applying multiple perspectives to everything I do, I add just a bit more value than many others, who might be constrained to only one or two specialisations.

The diagram below offers a snapshot of my professional skills and tools.

Network of competencies

Summaries of what I do and how I do it are described in the pages listed below to give you a better idea of how I might be able to add value to your organisation’s vision and goals.

These skills are practical, gained through a wide range of professional engagements in diverse organisational contexts, but also underpinned by a solid range of relevant credentials, in chronological order –

  • Certificate IV TAE40116 (Training & Assessment)
  • MInfTech (IT master’s degree)
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration)
  • BA English (Journalism)

In working with others at all levels, from boardroom to front-line staff, I am able to easily understand and switch between the languages of executives, professional and technical specialists, and other staff. That capacity is also useful when it comes to drafting and tailoring business documents, from annual reports to technical manuals, and from media releases to white papers.

I’m not fazed by rapid, continuing change; I see that kind of environment as full of opportunity. But I also understand that textbook methods and models, or the latest fads, mean nothing without the creative input necessary to meet your specific circumstances and goals, and to unlock the full potential of your strengths and people.

There’s no sleight of hand in my claims.

What I do is based on disciplined, hard work, backed by the professional intuitions and insights that come only from experience, and an approach always anchored in making everything I do work with your people and your objectives.

If you’d like to talk about how I might help you, contact me with this email form.